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3 Dimension Epoxy Flooring

we provide a wide range of modern flooring by using epoxy resin which is more durable and beautiful than other type of flooring . more information:

coffee table

we produce luxury coffee tables with best quality of wood and epoxy resin. such as river tables also we can refinish old tables by applying epoxy resin

counter tops

our new product is producing luxury counter tops by using epoxy resin. it is in different shape and color based on client request.

Residential Designer

Home design, interior design, space planning & drafting services.

Reversible Sectional (7603E)

Modern Design Reversible Sectional. Heavy Duty Hardware to hold sectional together, 14 Solid Couch Legs & 4 on the Ottoman. High Grade, Durable Microfiber Fabric. Seats 5 people Comfortably. Pillows can be detached, unzipped and the covers can be w...

Interior & Graphic Design Services

Mad Design company known for its unique designs that can be tailored to satisfy any style from traditional to contemporary. We invest the expertise, skills and time in order to come up with the design that reflects your style the best. We provide...


NGS Property Services is your number one waste removal company serving HRM & Surrounding, NS. If you have excess junk on your property, taking up space, or becoming an eyesore, we provide the most reliable junk removal services you need. Our company ...

Master Carpenter

Josef knows stairs! It was a specialty of his when he was Master Carpenter for Isartaler Holzhaus and he remains unbeatable in the stair department. He can help you design something for the space that you have, choose the materials suitable for its u...

Unique Furniture

Sallam Overseas Incorporated (SOI) was founded in 2015 aiming at offering our customers products with superior quality and value. SOI seeks to achieve tangible benefits for clients by promoting efficiency and professionalism in global trade.

Home Furniture and Decor

We provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices and are conveniently located in Canada, Egypt & Saudi Arabia.

Furniture and Upholstery Repair

Where Old becomes New. If you need to repair or redesign your furniture bring it to us, we will make it new and stylish for both residential and commercial use. Get the best of appearance and the best comfort for your furniture with our expertise...

Read reviews on landlords and properties before renting

1-minute video explaining the concept: How come you can return shoes you didn't like to Walmart, but you can't return the keys to your landlord if you have a noisy neighbor? Why can you read review...