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Services Real Estate & Construction
Residential Designer

Home design, interior design, space planning & drafting services.

Interior & Graphic Design Services

Mad Design company known for its unique designs that can be tailored to satisfy any style from traditional to contemporary. We invest the expertise, skills and time in order to come up with the design that reflects your style the best. We provide...

Master Carpenter

Josef knows stairs! It was a specialty of his when he was Master Carpenter for Isartaler Holzhaus and he remains unbeatable in the stair department. He can help you design something for the space that you have, choose the materials suitable for its u...

Home Furniture and Decor

We provide high-quality furniture at affordable prices and are conveniently located in Canada, Egypt & Saudi Arabia.

Real Estate Sales and Leasing

Let Valentina help you with all your personal and business real estate needs from buying your first home in Canada to looking for a space for your new or expanding business. As an immigrant herself, she will be on your side guiding you through the im...

Read reviews on landlords and properties before renting

1-minute video explaining the concept: How come you can return shoes you didn't like to Walmart, but you can't return the keys to your landlord if you have a noisy neighbor? Why can you read review...