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Dance Studio

Arudra Dance Academy teaches Indian dance forms - classical dance, folk, freestyle/bollywood and dance fitness sessions. Focus on improving energy by dance

Custom Paintings

Mandala art and and handmade paintings.

Cushion cover

Single cushion cover, plain milky white, crocheted by hand

Cultural Education Through Music and Dance

The Maritime Centre for African Dance (MCAD), noted for performing at President Obama’s African Inaugural Ball, was formed in 2005, is an organization dedicated to teaching, sharing and promoting African Culture though the art of dance, to youth an...

Rent an Escape Room that fits on your table.

Think Inside the Box offers games you can rent to play at your home or venue. By following clues, solving puzzles, and using the keys you will find along the way, you will solve the box and win the game! Each of our unique games fits on a table and i...

Dance Studio

Vibeat Dance Studio is a place to learn Indian Dances, such as Indian Classical (Bharatanatyam), Folk (Garba, Raas, Ghoomar, Bhangra and Giddha) and Bollywood. Indian folk dances are fun workouts that are essential elements of every celebration. ...