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Katalin Allen & Associates Inc.

Global Leadership and Innovation Training, Coaching, Facilitation

Katalin Allen & Associates Inc. is a global consulting and training corporation with its own unique proprietary leadership and innovation training program, called GIFTS™. (Global thinking, innovative mindset, focusing on people’s unique talents and abilities to bring the best and most out of themselves and others for the service of benefitting mankind and planet earth.)

• Leadership Consulting
• Organizational development
• Bridging the gap between young gifted professionals and established business leaders
• Strategic innovative corporate culture and change consulting
• Executive and entrepreneurial coaching
• Custom tailored training programs design and delivery
• Learning journeys and retreats in Europe and Hawaii.

The GIFTS™ “graduates” are ready for the 21st century’s global challenges both personally and professionally. They are empowered and inspired to take on the world and THRIVE no matter what challenges they encounter.
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