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Strategy Up (a brand of Telcovision Group LTD.)

Strategy Up Academy

At SUA we provide non degree professional and executive business management training courses. Our courses and workshops aim at enhancing your professional career and providing a way to think outside the box.

By joining SUA you will benefit from a variety of topics which are related to your personal career objectives. We thrive to provide the best approach towards learning by keeping you engaged during our sessions. We strongly believe that you get a better learning experience through interaction and team activities.

Our academy’s aim is to solidify the link between the technology world and the day to day business areas.

Once you finish a course with us, you will leave with an abundant knowledge in the technology which could enhance your operational efficiency.

At Strategy Up Academy, you can learn about Blockchain, Leadership Skills, Communication Skills, Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Commercial Skills including, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Pricing, Product/Service Development and Management.

We are an academy which will help you boost your career when you couple it with some personal development activities.

We do not offer any degree related diplomas. After every successfully completed course, you will be getting a certificate of attendance or a certificate of completion.

Our business management training courses have a unique approach to provide solutions which are essential to your business.

99 Wyse Rd. Suite 1100, Dartmouth, NS, B3A 4S5
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