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Website and software development,online marketing, e-commerce

OriTech provides good quality and customer-oriented service to help our clients set up professional websites at a reasonable price, which means that our clients only need to pay the similar price as quoted by our competitors to receive more service from OriTech and to avoid coping with the headaches of building a website by themselves as some of the solutions in the market suggest.

OriTech uses template-based website development as a solution to reduce the cost so as to give the best price to the clients.

OriTech tries to make the process of website building easy and efficient for our client provide by providing more than 30 selected templates to help our clients start sketching and defining their website. Our clients are the designer in chief to decide what and how to present their products online whereas OriTech will be taking care of the technical part of the job.

Oritech provides flexible options for payment. Our clients can either pay annually or monthly. The average cost of owning a website with OriTech is more or less equivalent to the cost of a mobile phone bill. The minimum cost could be as trivial as 1.28/day.

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